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Jagged Alliance 3 - Interview (english)

Kindly supported by the publisher Akella we had the chance to interview Andrew Kazakov, Jagged Alliance 3 project leader at F3 Games. The release of JA3 is expected to be in Q3 - Q4 2008.
Together with some new screenshots, you can read about the current state of development and about upcoming JA3 features.

1) I am rather sure that some of my friends and I as well would not have passed school exams, if Jagged Alliance 2 had a multiplayer part. So the most important question is: Do you plan to build a multiplayer part in Jagged Alliance 3? If so, what can you say about it's details (maybe coop play of the campaign)?
We’re planning to include quite a full-fledged multiplayer. That will allow up to 16 players, while each gamer can have a squad consisting of up to 6 mercs. Every player is an independent side and playing against others. Currently we’re adding up new multiplayer features. For example, a merc auction. However, all the innovations are going to be included into the final game version only after thorough play-tests.

2) Is it too early right now to talk about some kind of Jagged Alliance 3 demo version to be published to the common folk? Is an open or closed beta planned?
Well, it’s too early right now to speak of any open versions. The project is underway and we believe the current demo wouldn’t present the game as it will be in the final version.

3) What can you tell about the size of the map or the number of sectors?
The game will incorporate 30 game sectors, each consisting of several location maps. We’re planning to have a total of over 300 maps. Every map size is like a 2D JA3 map and much bigger than that of Silent Storm.

4) Are there plans to include the use of vehicles in Jagged Alliance 3? If yes, can we think of some transport vehicles like in JA2 or maybe of cars, bikes and tanks to be used by our mercs in battle?
First, we were considering an idea of making vehicles much used on a tactical map, however the play-tests conducted so far made us give up the idea. It’s so strange and even weird to see a car or a tank frozen in the turn-based mode, especially at a moment of knocking against a person. Thus vehicles are targeted mainly for transportation. It means they are used for moving around a tactical map, transportation of weapons and as fire units or cover.

5) How will the story be arranged in the singleplayer? Can we expect just one big aim of the campaign and the freedom to fulfil quests besides the main story as we wish? Or are there tasks which have to be done? In other words: How much freedom do we have while playing Jagged Alliance 3?
The game world is totally free, well, except getting beyond its borders. There will be quests in the game. And if something confines the player’s moving around – that is only an enemy :-). So don’t rush to fight the enemy’s main battle forces – some preliminary consideration is very helpful :-).

Jagged Alliance 3 - Interview (english) - Shot 1 Jagged Alliance 3 - Interview (english) - Shot 2 Jagged Alliance 3 - Interview (english) - Shot 3 Jagged Alliance 3 - Interview (english) - Shot 4

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