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IG 3 Interview (eng)

We are happy to present the Interview with the developer from Hungary "Philos". We interviewed the leading designer Zsolt Nyulaszi of Imperium Galactica 3.

1. Do you need certain resources to build ships and constructions in the colonies or just money?
The ships and weapons can be produced on the colonies by the help of certain technologies developed by the colonies themselves on the basis of scientific researches.
Basic resources are minerals and energy, however, these doesn't have to be collected on a regular basis, only get the exploitation started and configured. Other resources will be accessible in the campaigns, such as alien technologies serving as the basis for scientific research.

NPC-s can also be considered a sort of resource, which are able to speed up the process of research and production as long as they are used in a specific project. And at last, time itself is a resource, since the large-scale, more extensive research and construction will take even 20-30 years, and, enough, there won't be time for everything. Anyway, research and construction are project-focused. This means that you do not have to secure the entire amount and number of resources right at the beginning, rather step by step in accordance with the requirements. The process might even be interrupted, stopped, and by reallocating the resources the pace can be decreased or increased.

2. Will it be possible to play, besides the missions, for ever?
Between the missions you can deal with colonization : build the fleet and plan the strategy, and it will be worth playing the game again and again since there's no way to complete all the numerous secondary missions simultaneously on one run. The strategic part itself can be played in different ways: by carrying out a series of different research and colonizing different planets you may end up participating in a totally new story. Besides, there are 50 NPC-s involved in the game, 20 of which can be encountered on one run, on average.

3. How many ships will be possibly be commendable in a fight?
In a fight you will be able to control up to 10 battleships and the fighters which belong to them.

4. Can you design your ships or does this depend on the size?
There are 5 main ship classes in the game: destroyers, cruisers, battleships, carriers, colony ships. The type of a ship determines its size as well as the features and the devices (such as weapons, shields, enginges etc.) you can freely configure. It means that according to the configuration you have chosen you will have different ships for different functions.

5. Is it possible to fight parallel or will you have to fight one battle after the other?
In the tactical system battles which take place parallel will be fighted one after another. The order of the battles is not determined. If you focus on the missions and the story, it will be a more or less linear gameplay, but according to your actions the order can be changed.

6. Is it possible to build spacestations around colonies and how will they look like?
The colonies themselves are spacestations located next to a planet. Your colony may have a ?surface-station?, if the planet is habitable. These planet stations will support the work of the colonies and they can?t be attacked, because the battles take place in the space. In the game you will see also weapon platforms located around a spacestation in order to defend it.

7. In the FAQs it is said that the colony management will be simplified. What parts can you still do by yourself or influence?
You'll have the opportunity to build colonies, establish empires, acquire alien technology, carry out research on weapons, etc. There'll be 3 different kinds of colonies: sci-lab, industry-base and shipyard. The player can decide on the type of the colony and where he/she deploys it. Colonies consist of masses of people, however, the ones who show outstanding performance may emerge in the long run. In this case an entirely individual NPC is the outcome having specific abilities and skills (scientific, geometric, military). They play a considerable role, since all the upcoming tasks in the game can be solved more efficiently with their aid. Building and managing the hinterland requires the gathering of various resources, as we mentioned earlier.

8. Will there be a limit of the ships you can have?
The player can control up to 10 ships simultaneously and during the span of the story he/she will be able to gain 20-30 unique spaceships, altogether.

9. Is a weapon in the game included which can destroy planets?
There will be of course siege-weapons in the game, but they will be able to lay only colonies in ruins.

Roland Budde - 21.01.2002