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Public Enemy

1. May you introduce yourself?
I'm Finn Meinert Matthiesen also known as MadMax of the PublicEnemy Developer Team. I'm 17 and attend the 12. grade of the CJB-Gymnasium in Lübeck, which, I bet, nobody knows. My job at PublicEnemy are the conceptdevelopment, mapping and administration of the beta- and newssection.

2. Can you give us a rogue overview what Public Enemy is about?
Public Enemy is a multiplayer modification of Half Life, in which the team aspect is especially pronounced. There are three parties, there as in the most games two will cooperate. There will be tons of cool modern weapons and equipment and unique team abilities. Public Enemy wants to combine complexity with easy to learn gameplay. You learn very quick how to use the equipment system and the mission goals are always precise, clear and always accessible. We just want to create a most simple start into the game for the gamer. In the end we develop the game not for ourselfs but for all the gamers out there.

3. Don't you think there are enough HL Mods out there. Why another one?
Sure there are several HL-mods out there but there ain't any, which use this setting and scenario. And we also hope that we can further the engine to much better graphics. We also deliver new ideas and innovative gameplay, which gives the player the feeling of really experiencing something new. E.g. we have some rare weapons on mass like the M134 Vulcan Minigun, the H&K PDW, the Skorpion or the Stoner SR25 besides the well known and often used weapons like the K&K MP5. And on top of that are the interesting mode and character systems new and most important easy to use.

4. How far in the development are you? What elements are completed and which do need a little bit more work?
Ok, short and easy: 80% of the maps are ready, which also includes models. The animations and soundworks are up to 75% and the programming is right now at 65%. But before we release the game, we will upload the new homepage and do some heavy betatesting.

5. Why should somebody play Public Enemy? Can you name us the maybe most terrific feature?
First of all this would be the very cool and often changing world and the good graphix for a HL-mod.
But the core is the character system, which is uncomplicated and somehow similar to the one of Deus Ex. And there are the individual team skills like the usage of cyberware and the ability to use things in an Akimbomodus. And it goes on with the players access to cool equipment like spy probes or camera systems. And even the interaction with the environment is possible by using cameras, machines and gun towers over a terminal. In a later stage of the betatestings we plan to implant vehicles, which we try to design as comfortable as possible. They will have advantages and disadvantages. We also try to create a better flow of gaming. We want to eliminate any hectic, which might overcome the player. We just want to offer a good mix between action and tactics, which are presented in a spectacular way.

6. How many people are right now working on HL PE?
The core consists of 10 developers of which three are working on the game design. Additionally there are numerous of beta testers and extern developers.

7. Well, and can you tell us something about the story or the background of PE?
We write the year 2035, in which gigantic corporation control the world and influence every government.
In this net out of manipulation, corruption and spying three groups are fighting for their ideals and the perfect way of existence. The first party are the "government troops". Their job is to push the interests of the police dictatorship and to kill political enemies. The "organized crime" is the second party and consists out of rebels, terrorists, bounty hunters and elements out of the organized crime sector. The third and last party are the "industry agents" which are cyberagents of the giant corporations and they switch supporting the police or the organizes crime, if they cooperate at all.

8. What are the main differences in the three parties?
I don't want to tell too much but..

Government Troops: They are the enforces of law and order, which is pretty different from now because these governments surly want no peace but we function similar and they sometimes of the job of a deathsquadron. Their advantages are their wide variety of weapons and there good training. So they aim better and walk more silent. They also have a bonus in communication.

Organized Crime: These group of strange elements wants to destroy the present government and wants to replace it. They manage to cooperate somehow and have advantages with their Akimbomodus for weapons and specials moves. So they are the fastest party.

Industry Agents: They only are interested in the advantage of the corporations so they are not afraid to use even the worst warfare. They support sometimes one party but mostly work alone. The have access to new cyberware and technological advances (but realistic) weapons.

9. Public Enemy seems to be a little bit futuristic. How much is PE influenced by
Well you could also name Syndicate or Syndicate Wars. Mainly the scenario was favourite by use and you can see it sometimes. There are spots where I express my impressions of the media.

10. A beta test is planed so far. How important is this for the development? Explain why?
Beta tests are always important. We especially try to find all bug so that in the final release no frustration will be caused by bugs. We try to eliminate as many bugs as possible but there will be always some overseen in the first beta.

11. Ok I think we kept you long enough from working. Do you maybe have anything to say to the German fandome?
Sure, we hope that you will like Public Enemy and that you will support us. So I want to thank all of the people who helped us on this long an hard journey. It is impossible to make mods without fascinated gamers and we will always be open for discussions and help. As I said we make a game for gamers not for ourselfs.

12. Oh, one last thing. Can you name us a date or a approximation when you will finish PE?
Well as the Duke-Nukem-Forever Team says: "When it´s done" ;)
But personally I hope that we can present the final at the end of fall because a lot of the things are ready.

Tomas Binder - 06.10.2001