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Battlefield 2
Update auf Version 1.3 - Fullpatch

Neuster Battlefield 2 Patch auf Version 1.3 ohne Anforderungen an die bereits bestehende Installation ("Fullpatch"). Folgende Verbesserungen bringt der Patch mit sich:

New Features

* Co-op: Players can now enjoy single player levels on Internet and LAN play with both Bots and human players. We have added a few options to allow the server admin to modify how the bots behave in game. Co-op play is not permitted on ranked servers.
* Air Dropped Vehicles: Squad members can no send a request to commanders to drop vehicles at their location.

Bug Fixes & Gameplay Tweaks

* Ban list will no longer be wiped in the event of a server crash.
* Abandoned helicopters will no longer remain in flight.
* If a player joins a squad while dead they will not be permitted to use the squad leader as a spawn point until they have spawned at a flag once.
* Flag Capture bar will now react accurately to players entering the capture radius.
* Friendly vehicles will no longer appear as valid targets for missile systems. The box with the X through it will still appear however the locked tone will not sound and missiles fired will not track the friendly target.
* Fixed the crash that sometimes occurred when switching between game types.
* Fixed a tech hang when creating a single player account from an offline account.
* Fixed Issues with remote console and Linux servers.
* Fixed the issue that prevented players from ranking up in-game when playing on their regular server.
* Fixed the bug that altered mini map behavior.
* Fixed issue with Special Forces rank names.
* Fixed repairing HUD for the engineer when in a vehicle.

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