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Radsport Manager Pro 2007

Selbst eingefleischte Fans hatten mit dem Radsport Manager Pro 2007 zu kämpfen - zu viele Bugs und Ärgernisse. Dieser Patch soll Abhilfe schaffen.
Anbei die genaue Liste von Änderungen und Updates (englisch).

  • Fixed memory leak problem
  • Fixed the dark appearance of riders when the Shader level was set on "low"
  • Correction to problems with certain road textures when Shader level was set on "low"
  • Fixed crash occurring with some video cards when starting a 3D race with shaders set on "high"
  • Correction to slow movement of cursor in 3D races
  • Correction to "floating" spectators in stands at finishing line.
  • Unemployed riders now react more positively to offers from continental teams
  • Less AI managers lose their jobs at the end of the season
  • Correction to crash on stage 8 of Supergiro di Italia 2008
  • Correction to crash on stage 1 of Gran vuelta a España 2008
  • "Average" (AVG) of abilities is updated every week
  • Display problem which allowed training progress bar to go beyond 100%.
  • Correction to bug which, on very rare occasions, could provoke a crash at the start of a major tour (Season 2007)
  • Correction to display of jerseys during world championships
  • Fixed the wrong list of favourites displayed when a second race was played immediately after a first one.
  • Custom Stages/Teams : fixed a crash occurring when clicking on a team name on the participating teams choice page
  • Display relative times on intermediate sprints
  • Corrections to "Season Stats" page in career mode
  • Corrections to "Achievements" on rider data sheet
  • Various corrections to texts that were too wide for tables
  • Display of monetary amounts (salary, transfer value) is more uniform (example : 125.200 €)
  • Results page : sorting by "team" should now be done by alphabetical order
  • Added a column displaying next year contract details in on "Pro Reports" tab
  • CN-ITT pictogram now displayed on the relevant pages (instead of the more general CN pictogram)
  • Rider data sheet : fixed an inversion between the Sprint and the Acceleration abilities when displaying "Training" information.
  • Scouting page : fixed a bug preventing young riders from being found in the Russian and Australian areas.
  • Scouting page : image added for "Flanders" area
  • Changed the date when the definitive season classifications are calculated. Used to cause display problems.
  • Fixed problem to sorting by salary on "Search" and "Shortlist" menus.
  • Correction to a crash on stage presentation page when clicking on a team info link.
  • Changes and updates of rider stats
  • Updated objectives for Cya Top Tour teams and some Continental teams
  • Changed the race category for Tour of Australia and Qinghai Lake Road
  • Correction to experience level of some riders who had level > 4.
  • Fixed characteristics of some equipment
  • National champion jersey added for Fumiyuki Beppu, George Hincapie, Thomas Lövkvist and Jussi Veikkanen.
  • The 6th stage of the "Österreich Rundfahrt" is considered a road race and no longer an individual time-trial
  • Riders finishing outside time limit now taken into account. The interface is not active yet so names are not displayed.
  • Adjustments to "Race-day condition" : The extremes of -5, -4 and +4, +5 happen less often

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