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Ground Control 2
Erster Patch

Da ist das Spiel erst wenige Tage im Handel und schon steht der erste Patch zur Verfügung. Zumindest für die englische Version des Spiels gibt es jetzt ein Bugfix. Hier die Liste der New Features, die neben den Verbesserungen den Weg in das Spiel gefunden haben:

- Added automatic content (map) download when joining a multiplayer server.
- Added Record & Replay of single player and multiplayer games.
- Added support for joining games from GameSpy Arcade.
- Added new in-game Slim GUI (enabled/disabled in the Visual Options menu).
- Added Super Slim GUI (only mouse + shortcuts enabled) by pressing F10 in-game. Press F10 twice to return to normal GUI.
- Added "map bookmarks". Press CTRL-F1..F8 to record a map position and press F1..F8 to move camera instantly to the position.
- Massgate(TM) player chat list is now sorted in alphabetical order.
- Added Massgate(TM) server list filter for Not full/Not empty.
- Added scorch marks.
- Added shorelines.

- Fixed a firewall problem where a patch file list could not be downloaded which made all menus disappear.
- Fixed bug with MP options. You cannot enter negative numbers in Score limit, Time limit, Starting AP and AP Gain any more.
- Fixed the progress bar so it can be hidden from script.
- Fixed bug: Unable to create a Massgate(TM) account if the font size is minimized.
- Added a limit of max 10 number of chat rooms per player.
- Changed so the game doesn't close if cd-key authentication fails. Returns to main menu instead.
- AI behavior improved.
- AI now uses support weapons NSA Radar and Viron Drop pods.
- AI now uses NSA Snipers properly.
- Fixed bug: Sometimes the Anti Missile System (AMS) did not stop single missiles/grenades.
- Fixed bug: View & weapon range circles now follow the terrain.
- Several other minor issues.

Außerdem wurde noch einiges am Balancing der Einheiten geschraubt. Der Download ist knapp 15 MB groß.

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23.06.2004, 08:57 [Sebastian]

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