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GFi kauft MiST land South
Jagged Alliance 3D weiter in Entwicklung

Gestern Abend erreichte uns die offizielle Mitteilung:
Der russische Spielepublisher GFi kauft das Entwicklungsstudio MiST land South (Napoleon 1805-1813, Paradise Cracked, COPS2170: The Power Of Law, ALFA: Antiterror).

Im Zuge dessen wurde Vitaly Shutov, der President von MiST land South, zum Development Director der PC-Projects von GFi ernannt. Auf der Basis des gekauften Entwicklungsstudio soll ein GFi-Entwicklungs-Center entstehen, das die bisherigen Arbeiten an den Spielen WarFare und Jagged Alliance 3D fortsetzt - ebenso wie die Entwicklung eines dritten, bisher noch nicht angekündigten Titels.

"We are working with GFi company for a very long time, having only positive emotions during this collaboration. Joint action and motion showed us, that the level of our projects grows with the level of our cooperation," – Vitaly Shutov comments. "We are glad, that now we can fully depend on marketing and PR support of GFi company, which we plan to employ in in-home and side projects, bringing them to maximum level of quality, as from the viewpoint of game technology, as well as from the depth of gameplay".

"Joint working experience with MiST land South has shown us, that this team can develop high quality products that are essential on our internal market as well as on foreign markets" – declares the CEO of GFi company Slava Plotnikov. "Vitaly Shutov – is a veteran of Russian game industry, his personal track record has a series of successful projects, made at high quality level. His new position allows the growth of the level of the projects that ship under our brand and, we hope, will broaden game community behind our games all over the world!"

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11.08.2005, 14:39 [Tom]