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Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII
Update 1.01 verfügbar

Mit 61 MB nicht gerade klein, kommt heute der Patch zu Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII daher. Die Version 1.01 behebet dabei einiges Bugs der PC Version.

Updates and Fixes for the PC release version 1.01

1. Various text in the menu system was edited and fixed.
2. Increased time-out on the "connecting" page to 30 seconds.
3. Fixed: Bug with the On-line Game Finder feature.
4. Synchronized the aircraft flying and mission start sequence.
5. Made improvements to enhance performance of game-pad/Joystick controllers.
6. Fixed: Results page for "Squad Bombing Run" missions now show "wins" by the Blue Team properly.
7. Fixed: Respawn limits now function correctly in "Squad Capture Base" missions.
8. Fixed: Issues that didn't allow the player to properly complete the mini-campaign are corrected.
9. Fixed: "Squad Capture Base" missions now function properly in all cases.

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