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Left 4 Dead
Survival Pack steht zum Download bereit

Entwickler Valve hat nun endlich das Survival Pack für die PC-Version von Left 4 Dead veröffentlicht. Für alle Fans des Zombie-Shooters steht das Pack ab sofort bei Steam zum Download bereit.

Hier eine Übersicht aller Neuerungen und Verbesserungen:

Survival Mode
• New gameplay Mode
• 16 maps including Last Stand
• Leaderboards
• 7 new achievements

Versus Changes
• Fixed a case where versus team score would continue to be recalculated after the score panel was displayed
• Fixed an issue with recalculating the versus score health bonus for a player when they are rescued from being incapacitated
• Fixed being able to start a swing as an infected, then teleport to the survivors and have the claw swing hit a survivor
• Fixed a case where teleporting to the survivors would not reset the ability timer
• Fixed an exploit where you could load the chamber of a weapon with bullets by holding down the melee key
• Fixed a case where it was not possible to join a game while it was in a finale
• Fixed a rare case where listen servers would speed up the game over time
• Removed convars related to melee fatigue
• Fixed a case where infected players would get a respawn time on their initial spawn into a map

Server Changes
• Made ms_force_dedicated_server not require cheats
• Add a message when queuing a heartbeat
• Simplified setting of game mode
• Removed convars director_no_human_zombies and director_holdout_mode
• dded mp_gamemode [coop,versus,survival]

• Added lobby join and leave messages

22.04.2009, 21:03 [Tim]

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