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RAID Techbits

Mal wieder etwas Technikgesültze, damit eure Hirnzellen nicht verfaulen. Es geht um RAID, was das nun genau ist, lest ihr besser selber (engl).

"So what exactly is RAID? Nope, it's not the bug spray I'm talking about here. It is a technique that was developed to provide speed, reliability, and increased storage capacity using multiple disks, rather than single disk solutions. RAID basically takes multiple hard drives and allows them to be used as one large hard drive with benefits depending on the scheme or level of RAID being used. Depending on your needs, there are many different RAID variations and implementations available with prices ranging from less than $100 to over $25,000. Of course, the better the RAID implementation, the more expensive it's probably going to be. There is really no one best RAID implementation. Some implementations are better than others depending on the actual application."

24.01.2001, 14:39 [Joe]