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Update 1.3 erhältlich

Auf der offiziellen Seite zu Painkiller, PainKillerGame.com, ist heute das Update 1.3 erschienen. Was genau dies bewirkt, könnt ihr untenstehender Übersicht entnehmen.
Da die offizielle Seite momental wohl etwas stark beansprucht ist, gibt's hier noch eine Download-Alternative, wo ihr das 94MB große File ebenso bekommt.

- NEW: network code based on constant physics framerate - smoothing game play with high framerates being possible even on servers with low physics framerates
- NEW: added 'Low Quality Multiplayer FX' checkbox in advanced graphics settings, removes ragdolls and some effects in favor of performance
- NEW: added new benchmark based on Docks level (C5L2)
- NEW: server settings changed by way of voting are reset to the default settings once players leave the server
- NEW: now possible to set non-standard display resolution (i.e. LCD monitor resolutions) in the game menu without distortion
- NEW: built-in support for All-Seeing Eye
- NEW: 'disconnect' console command added
- NEW: 'showfps 1' command now includes packet loss information
- CHANGE: likeliness of telefrags are now reduced
- CHANGE: Electro+Driver combo removed from MP
- CHANGE: entering teleports no longer reduces speed
- CHANGE: damage and firing range of Electro reduced
- CHANGE: shotgun knockback reduced slightly
- CHANGE: chaingun knockback now included
- CHANGE: acid DM_FALLEN2 no longer kills instantly
- CHANGE: it is now possible to get out of the lava on DM_FALLEN2
- CHANGE: minor FPS improvements on some MP maps
- CHANGE: chat messages are displayed red in console
- CHANGE: when player on his own non-dedicated server stands where a weapon is spawned in the map, other players can now pick up that weapon
- CHANGE: ability to collect energy & ammo pack while fully healthed, for ammo
- FIX: jumppads failing to work in rare circumstances has been fixed
- FIX: audio effect when shooting shuriken gun repeatedly no longer cuts-out
- FIX: server passwords now work when connecting from command line
- FIX: scoreboard getting stuck open in rare instances as a spectator is fixed
- FIX: benchmark scores below 29 FPS are now properly displayed
- FIX: Windows 98 UI launching issues from 1.2 update resolved
- FIX: minor corrections made to the geometry and textures of map DM_FALLEN2
- FIX: a few smaller additions/bugfixes for both multi and singleplayer

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