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GTA: San Andreas
Keine Online-Option

Auch bei den Vorgängern wie in GTA 3 und Vice City mussten die Konsolen-Besitzer auf einen Online-Modus verzichten. Leider scheint dieses auch bei GTA: San Andreas der Fall sein.
Dies bestätigte jedenfalls Dan Houser aus dem Hause Rockstar: "San Andreas will not be online. We would have to give up too much for it. We have a lot of script-writers working on GTA. They have so many scenario's to build up the story. It's impossible to put that in an online game because people can't solve that problem. We are thinking about it, but it's just better to put the things we want in GTA in a single-player game. I don't say that online games aren't fun, but I do say that online games are not ready yet for the immerse gameplay that GTA has to offer."

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19.06.2004, 20:21 [HolgerD]

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